Irrigation Technology

Drip Irrigation


Precision Irrigation

Fog Irrigation

Smart controller programming in a fog irrigation system

Fog irrigation

A fog irrigation system that increases water use efficiency

Solar Power Irrigation System

Small Scale Irrigation System power by solar energy. GDIS is a leading company in the design and installation of the solar power irrigation system integrated with a smart controller for irrigation schedule based on the crop water requirement, soil moisture content depletion, and the realtime evapotranspiration data.

Solar Power irrigation system

Solar Power Irrigation System

Design, construction and operation

Solar Power Irrigation System

Solar Power Sprinkler Irrigation system

Technologies and Products

Irrigation technologies include:

  • Large scale irrigation farming, pivot, etc..
  • Small scale irrigation farming
  • Solar power drip system
  • Solar power sprinkler system
  • Windmill furrow irrigation system

Water resources management and planning:

  • Surface and groundwater management
  • Water quality, assessment, monitoring, and analysis
  • Water use-efficiency technology

Water purification system power by solar energy:

The Mobile MaxPure® is patented and developed by Word Water and Solar Technology (WWST). It is a fully integrated, turnkey solar solution designed to pump, filter, purify and desalinate water, as well as provide auxiliary power and communications. The system utilizes proprietary and patented technologies.

Features included:

  • Provisions of up to 30,000* gallons of clean drinking water each day
  • The desalination system utilizes reverse osmosis or purification up to 4,000* gallons daily
  • 3kW folding solar array; supplies up to 3kW peak power both AC and DC electricity
  • A 31 kWh battery bank provides power for night time operation.
  • An optional satellite voice and data communication system available
  • Capable to pump 70,000 – 100,000 gpd for flood dewatering or irrigation.


  • Clean water and sanitation
  • Drills water wells retrofitted with solar pumps
  • Water filtration system with solar energy

Reservoir design and construction:

  • Rainwater catchment basin
  • Small pond reservoir
  • Traditional “bouli” (catchment pond)
  • Wells & Borehole

Drilling wells

Drills water wells in a remote area retrofitted with solar power DC pump that can provide potable water, and improve sanitation, and hygiene.