Feasibility study, engineering study, data gathering, modeling, and proposal development.


Various Development Studies

Expereince working with NGO, private  companies and public entities.

Conception and Design

Study design, implementation, monitoring and evaluation, and database management.


Statistical analysis and data comparison.


Html and CSS development.


We provide consultancy services in various areas including water, and solar energy infrastructures development and construction.

We offer survey and polling services, and mapping as well.

We offer professional services for materials and equipment procurement and acquisition.

Customers Needs

Understand your client’s needs for a better result!


Data driven Results

Makes strategic decisions based on data analysis and interpretation.

Data analysis and results interpretation are key for making a strategic decision which is  important our consultancy protocol.

Achieve your goals

Study goals and deliverables

  • Study outputs – outcomes
  • Performance metrics
  • Milestones
  • Reporting

Team of Experts

We have high profile qualified experts in various field such as water resources and irrigation engineers, energy experts, remote sensing and geospatial scientists, FAA licensed UAV experts, social scientists, environmentalists, land surveyors and climate change scientists.