Irrigation Engineering

Engineering, design, and construction of irrigation systems with solar power energy

Aerial Imagery

Unnamed Aerial Vehicles (drones) imagery analysis.

Geospatial data processing

Satellite Imagery

Satellite imagery processing and analysis

Water & Solar Energy

Water resources management. WASH-construction of clean water, sanitation, and hygiene infrastructures, reservoirs and boreholes, and wells.

Residential and commercial solar energy projects.

Digital Survey

Mobile App survey -online and offline capabilities. Data analysis and community training.

Work Capability

Water & Energy

Rainwater catchment reservoir engineering design and construction

  • Drill wells, WASH, clean water filtration, and purification technology
  • Smart Agriculture, and drip and sprinkler irrigation technology
  • Solar energy system for residential and commercial, microgrid solar power system,¬†refrigerator container for vegetable conservation.

Survey and mapping

  • Digital App Survey, polling and data analysis
  • Geospatial data analysis
  • Aerial imagery data analysis
  • Remote sensing application in the agricultural and environmental field, and water resources management.
  • Training and capacity building


  • Project management
  • Monitoring and evaluation
  • Audits





Geospatial and Aerial mapping


A survey app on your smartphone or tablet is one of the most cost-effective survey tools. It offers a geolocalisation information of the respondent’s for the geospatial analysis. The results are very fast to obtain and offer a possibility to monitor the data collection in real-time.

Digital survey

We have an expertise on digital survey to collect extensive data


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